encore-unefois said: hey- i'd be down to help you co-run this blog. i just came across it on google and it seems pretty legit. i don't know about co-running, how it works etc, but i could just submit stuff to you and you could post it if you like it? i watch a lot of french cinema, speak french, etc. so i could probably help you out...

Hey! Sorry if this answer is late. I only recently reactivated. If you’re still interested in co-running this with me then you’re more than welcome!

I’m aware I’ve neglected this blog for too long now, but I really do need some co-runners, and without them I will not be able to realistically keep updating regularly.

Please, if your interested in the slightest, leave a message for me in the Ask box. 

Paris, Je T’aime. 


Les Petits Mouchoirs. Le nouveau film de Guillaume Canet avec entre autres Benoit Magimel et Marion Cotillard. J’ai vraiment hâte de voir ce film!

Marion Cotillard in Vanity Fair
(via ellyboulton)